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A responsible and proactive MSc Mechanical student graduating from Imperial College London in September 2022. Motivated to become a professional engineer with a desire to further understand materials and their applications. An avid learner of engineering techniques and concepts, looking for a challenging job opportunity within the composites field.

Personal Projects

The projects shown on this website fall into one of five categories: CAE, CAD, Programming, Motion Graphics, and Freehand Drawing.

SolidWorks (CAD)

Implemented based on honed skills in Mechanical Design, Advanced Sheet Metal, 3D sculpture, and SolidWorks Visualize.

Technical Skills Overview

  • Data Science: NumPy, pandas, seaborn, and matplotlib packages.
  • CAE: ANSYS Workbench (Mechanical), ABAQUS (composites modelling & layup scripting).
  • Image Processing: Python (OpenCV & scikitimage), and MATLAB (MVTB toolbox).
  • Typesetting with LATEX (scientific documentation and slideshow).
  • GNU/Linux (Arch, CentOS and Debianbased), & Shell Scripting.
  • Static Web Development: HTML, CSS, and NGINX.
  • Statistical Modelling: Selective Laser Melting (SLM) optimisation of porosity and roughness.
  • Other technical: C++ (beginner), git and UNIX tools (Vim, Awk, Sed).
  • Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro (video compositing).
  • Technical and freehand drawing.

  • MATLAB Sample Projects

    Locating Centres  

    Image was imported and converted to double to get matrix greyscale values, a kernel of a ones 8 x 8 matrix was decided to dilate the white background to leading to not more than 3 blobs (Background, square 1, square 2). A median filter of a 9 x 9 matrix was used to filter out the unrelated noise in the image.

    A histogram was run, and a accordingly a threshold value was chosen. Finally, the blobs got labelled. Then, moments of the squares were used to identify the centres accordingly, generating centre coordinates.

    Development of a Tidal Stream Turbine

    Cardiff Marine Energy Research Group (CMERG)  

    Overview: Built GUI, with call-back functions, executed and linked back to the built user interface.

  • Operation: provides the user with ability to load Bathymetry data through the load button, data is converted to Lat/Long, hence, a mesh is created to acheive a 3D plot.

  • Another operation works with velocity data. A similar set of functions have been created and filled to plot a surface overlaying a bathymetry data.

  • Finally, Callback functions were created to return an output for maximum gradient and minimum depth and velocity.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    Static Structural

  • Improved two proposed components of a gearbox project (Shaft and Gear) with the aim to reduce the components mass while maintaining its strength and reliability.
  • Developed the design of a bracket using ANSYS WorkBench, to the eventual stage of producing finished design drawings.

  • Topology Optimisation

    Topologically optimised design of a bracket, fulfilling its strength and endurance requirements on a component level.

    Evaluation of the Porosity and Surface Roughness of Additive Manufactured Aluminium Parts

    Brief Abstarct

    Assessed porosity and surface roughness of SLM AlSi10Mg; used in aerospace industries due to its excellent castability and weldability properties, essential in manufacturing fully dense parts. The surface quality of additive manufacturing products has attracted the commitment of numerous mechanical researchers, experimenting with the nature of extracting optimal top surface roughness parameters and in-depth porosity analysis to interpret the characteristics of Selective Laser Melting processes.

    A 3-factor, 3-level full factorial Design of Experiments data has been gathered, use of Two and Three-way ANOVA testing has been conducted on the derived and fundamental variables respectively, main effect and 3D plots have also tested the relationships and significance of the factors on one another. The following quantities have been segregated, correlated, and non-parameter tests have been conducted to optimise the process parameters and achieve the best surface and porosity quality within an AlSi10Mg Aluminium alloy. Independent parameters aided in gaining insight into the effect of energy density and scan speed on porosity and surface roughness.

    Public Speaking and Volunteer Experience

    SolidWorks Largest User Group Meeting Ever

  • Presented the importance of familiarising with Linux, and UNIX Tools to improve your computer's efficiency in a conference with 1200 attendees.
  • Magic WheelChair  

    Worked in designing & building the structure for George's Wheelchair along with Kirby Downey, Jonny Harrison, Adam Weir, and Jade Crompton in cooperation with the SolidWorks user group and Magic Wheelchair community. It is a charity project that I am privileged to be involved in designing for this year's wheelchair costume for a child interested in Lego Ninjago.

    Mentor Consultant

  • Lead student mentors, and collaborated with University staff, to ensure the mentoring scheme runs smoothly.
  • Mentor

  • Lectured and mentored a group of first-year Mechanical Engineering students.

  • GNU/Linux

    Next Cloud Hosting  

  • Privately hosted "Next Cloud" storage system on my server; in which data could be remotely accessed anywhere & anytime.
  • Customised Linux Desktop Environment

  • Customised (programmed configuration files) of Dynamic Window Manager (DWM); creating a clean, tiled, stacked, and full-screen layout, free from buttons and distractions.

  • All tools are linked to keybindings.

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